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Hotel Amadeus is located in the historic neighborhood of Santa Cruz. A one minute walk from the Hotel leads us to Plaza Santa María la Blanca and several options for outdoor dining.

Next to the plaza we find a small grocery shop, or tienda de alimentación.

Just down the street at the corner of calle Santa Maria la Blanca and calle Cano y Cueto is a freidura, where you can order fried fish to eat outside or for take away.

A few meters up calle Cano y Cueto we find Restaurante El Modesto, highly recommended for lunch or dinner. The restaurant does not close during the day, so you can pick any time to eat.

We follow calle Cano y Cueto to the Jardines Murillo the gardens behind the back wall of the Alcazar, about 5 minutes from the Hotel.

Backtracking we find the iron cross in the Plaza de Santa Cruz. Just to the right behind the trees is La Albahaca, famous for offering some of the best cuisine in Sevilla.

Just past the Plaza towards the old city wall in Barrio Santa Cruz is the ceramic shop Artesania Alfaro.

Leaving at night we find Cafe-Car Levies on calle Levies, just a one minute walk from the hotel. The bar serves tapas during the day and is a popular nightspot for a drink.

Following calle Levies we find La Carboneria, a bar with three sections: a more rustic winter bar complete with a piano and fireplace, a large covered terraza and an open air patio during the summer. You can catch live flamenco here, for free, every night.

Taking calle Farnesio to calle Mateos Gago and the cathedral you will find this patio in a large Sevillian style mansion.

Bodega Santa Cruz, or "Las Columnas" as it is known to locals, is just down the street on calle Rodrigo Caro. The bar is famous as a meeting point to enjoy a few tapas and a cold beer.

We arrive at the Cathedral, just a 5 minute walk from the Hotel.

Just next to the Cathedral we find Plaza Virgen de los Reyes and the Alcazar, a Mudejar style palace where the King stays when in Sevilla.

One of the baths - for viewing only - provides a cool spot for visitors to rest in the Alcazar.

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