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We spent an evening at bar-cafeteria Santa Marta sitting outside in Plaza San Andres. On the right are the San Andres apartments, and the bar, which is of the same owner. In the background San Andres church.

Bar-cafeteria Santa Marta is a popular spot in Seville. Many local people enjoy the atmosphere of the Plaza and the good food. Santa Marta is famous for its Flamenquín, which is a fried meat ball, filled with ham and cheese.

Full frame of San Andres church. (The cars are parked illegally. We recommend to park only for unloading luggage.)

View to the right, on the bar. One reason for its success are the large portions...

Rafael's daughter Cristina is helping out on the week-ends. His brother Manuel in the background.

This is Rafael, the owner, himself. Having some beers and tapas with us.

San Andres apartments at night. You can tell from the light that we stayed for longer than an hour...

A detail of San Andres church.

The back entrance of the church.

The little girl is attracted by the light.

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