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Calle Feria


The beginning of Feria street, coming from the center. Plaza de Montesion is on the right. There is also a DÍA supermarket 100m to the right.

A local cloth shop. The name comes from the sales of the rests of the rolls, which they sell by weight ("kilos")...

Shop owner Miguel in the green jacket. We purchased the curtains for the bedrooms of the Relator apartments from him.

Further up the street: a new shop which sells typical Spanish for take-away.

Raúl shows us the different dishes. Everything is prepared the same day. The food is sold in portions of 250 grams. Highly recommended if you do not want to eat out, and are not in the mood for cooking...

Reaching Omnius Sanctorum church, which is just next to the building of the food market on the left.

The space in between the church, and the market, is occupied by La Cantina bar. At this time there are few customers, but it gets very crowded by 2pm, when the locals come for a beer and tapas.

No doubt about the quality and freshness of the products: everything is from the fish market next-door.

Another perspective on the church and market.

The interior of the market is divided into different product areas. In the photo you can see several stands for fruit and vegetables, which helps to compare quality and prices.

The presentation has to catch the eye of the prospective buyer.

Stands for fish and seafood.

A butcher's counter.

New shops have now entered the traditional calle Feria food market: vegetarian and organic foods are on sale.

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