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Comments on the apartments after the stay of our guests. All comments are from unsolicited emails, and not a questionnaire.


Enviado el: martes, 11 de octubre de 2011
Asunto: Apartment QUIRÓS 2-bedrooms (8-10 October 2011)

Hello I have to say your apartment was fantastic! My friends at work have asked for the details. You really need to sell the view from the middle window of the Giralda tower. I have a photo from the sunrise, daytime and at night when it’s lit up. I am very happy to give you a good review. The person who met us was lovely, the cleaner really, really nice. I rang a few times to change the time of arrival because we got lost and then got a taxi! She was very patient with me ;) The people in the flat above us were very noisy – having a party and shouting/screaming at 3am – BUT I guess that’s’ being in a city – the apartment I recently booked in Paris said we could lose the deposit if we were noisy after about 10pm. You may wish to think about that but they may not be in your control. Thank you for a lovely time in your very beautiful city. Thank you and best wishes
Linda, Helen, and Diane, UK

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