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"Restaurante Altamira" on the square on the edge of Santa Maria la Blanca street with Ximenez de Enciso, just opposite the Altamira palace.

On the top edge of the triangled square you can see the apartment building, which is of the same owners.

House front of restaurant Altamira.

During the summer, the square is packed with people, in the evenings.

View from the entrance.

In the interior there is a capacity of 15 tables.

The kitchen is in the room behind the counter.

Display of deserts.

Side entrance of the restaurant.

Main entrance from Santa Maria la Blanca street. The Altamira palace is in the background.

On the following day: The beer is delivered.

For our apartment guests, a small "courtesy breakfast" is included at the daily rate. It consists of a cup of coffee or tea, and a toast or croissant with marmelade. You can take it inside, or outside on the square.

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