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Hotel Casas de Santa Cruz is located in the historic neighborhood of Santa Cruz. A few meters away from the hotel we find Casa Carmelo, a good place for tapas outside.

In the nearby plaza we find Hospital de los Venerables, one of the principal sights for a tourist visit to Barrio Santa Cruz.

The Plaza de los Venerables has several options for outdoor dining.

Following calle Gloria we arrive at Plaza de Doña Elvira in just one minute. Aside from the numerous restaurants this is possible the most beautiful and tranquil plazas in all of Seville. Ceramic tile benches, several orange trees and a fountain make the plaza a wonderful place to relax.

We turn the corner from Plaza de Doña Elvira and follow this small street as we make our way towards the Plaza de Alianza.

In one minute we arrive at Plaza de Alianza and a view of the Giralda. The ivy covered wall to the left is the Alcázar.

Just beyond the fountain in the above picture we take a left and find ourselves next to the fortress walls of the Alcázar.

On the same street is La Alcazaba,a store featuring a wide selection of typical Sevillian ceramics.

Another minute and we arrive to a gate on the left which leads to Plaza Patio de Banderas.

The view to our right is the Plaza del Triunfo and the Cathedral.

About one hundred meters away is the Palacio Arzobispal, the residence of the Archbishop of Seville in the Plaza de Santa Marta.

In the same Plaza de Santa Marta we glance up for a view of the Cathedral.

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